Hi, my name is Sherie. I started my weight loss journey back in April 2018. I weighed 108.5 kg but before I weighed myself on that month I weighed myself at Christmas time of 2017 and I was 110.5 kg. I had a bad life and depression and anxiety was my worst enemy so I used to have bad food to keep me satisfied but I wanted to lose weight so I can get back into riding my horses.

I tried so many ways of losing weight but it only came back on I was at breaking point and I almost gave up. Last year I said to myself this is it got to do some major improvements to get healthy or face death knocking on my door.

I was on Facebook when someone was in my group of friends told me about the 123diet and to give it a try I was like what have I got to lose so I brought myself the whole package of the 123diet stuff from the drops to the tablets, tea, protein shake.

I was like most people who think it’s hard – but when I got going and stuck to it, I was shocked that within a few days, I was losing weight – almost a kilogram every second to third day it was just falling off me.

I admit sometimes I did have a cheat day and I paid for it big time but I still kept going never gave up. I did have a short break over Christmas for 4 weeks just to give my body a little bit of a break but I made sure I stick to the phase three foods than after the fourth week.

I redone my drops and loading days and kept on going until the bottle of drops ran out than I did phase three again for another three weeks. I am happy that I have found something that really works for me and I am sure it will work for you too. Don’t give up keep going it’s how I do it plus having someone like Lee Skinner that is there when you need help is just awesome.

– Sherie