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I lost in the 18 months I was on the diet - 42 kilos, I went from a size 22 to a size 10... I’ve gained not only my life back, I’ve got confidence again like I had many years ago, I couldn’t be happier.
Jacqueline Hindmarch
Adelaide, SA

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I started my weight loss journey back in April 2018 I weighed 108.5kg. I am happy that I have found something that really works for me as I am 61.6kg now - bringing my loss to a total of 46.9kg.

I joined a diet support group on Facebook. People were chatting about the 123 Diet, which consisted of following a healthy clean-eating diet plan and taking some all-natural herbal drops which helped curb food cravings. I had nothing to lose but the kilos, so I decided to give it a go. When the plan arrived, I was shocked. I couldn’t understand how fresh fruit and veg could fill me up. I was going to be famished!

Focus, Ann, I scolded. I had to do this, for my family and myself. I hit my goal weight of 54kg within three months. As I slipped into a size 8 bikini, I hardly recognised myself!

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